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The photographs featured below are their original cast bio photos (found deep in our special MTV archives!) and were a labor of love (for fellow enthusiasts like myself).

We’ll get to him in a minute.) Abs tells the camera how he likes the way Katelynn’s a bit of a tom boy and how he relates to girls like that– and we’re hooked! (If making wild speculations about the cast of a reality show bothers you, we’re not sure why you’re reading this article. We can see why the Coop no longer dates a guy whose first impulse when he meets someone is to get them to divulge their personal secrets, but whatever– at least J. takes Katelynn to dinner at ELMO, which is a totally cute restaurant in Chelsea that I bet Anderson took J. It’s supposed to be tender, but it comes off as awkward.) – who makes up for his lack of ever having had sex by, well, dressing like a twink bottom on the way to Boysroom. But Chet and his skinny jeans are just the tip of this rainbow-hued, manufactured, conflict iceberg that makes For the first time ever on the show, a transgendered person lives in the house. after he confesses that not only he’s gay, but his father was horribly abusive and his family life growing up was a living hell.Just three weeks after her gender-reassignment surgery in Thailand, Katelynn Cusanelli lands in New York, where she’s greeted by Scott Herman. D.’s spent a lot of time in therapy, as he has the lingo down pat and, frankly, in the first episode he comes off as kind of a prick. They do this in a cab and then they both start crying and holding each other.Some are images from episodes (early seasons didn't have photo shoots), and the majority are professional snapshots featured in the roommates' temporary hometowns (sometimes in front of notable landmarks like Times Square, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House or in the comfort of their swanky interim abodes).Pity the Mormon mothers who tune in looking forward to seeing a nice Mormon boy show the rest of America how they rock in Salt Lake, only to be greeted by 23-year-old Chet Cannon – a nice Mormon boy (VIRGIN!by Gina Scarpa On last week's episode of The Real World: Brooklyn, Baya was given the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a New York City club DJ.

She was also in for a surprise when her best friend in the house, Ryan, started to give off the vibe that he could have feelings for a special series -- and it earned this reputation because of its unique and honest depiction of issues that were (and are) prevalent during its respective seasons.But the show as we know it would not be the revolutionary program it is without the brave men and women who exposed their every move and emotion, all while being "real." -- the original New York installment premiered on May 21, 1992 -- we are paying tribute to every person who "stopped being polite" in front of our very eyes.The decision to put Katelynn on the show is as courageous a decision as Katelynn’s decision to be on it.People will form opinions about her and,like on all reality shows, they will decide what they like and don’t like about her.It’s like Chet picked up an article about metrosexuals one day, decided it was the thing to do and then took the concept further than any self-respecting straight man ever would. Ryan It’s because of Sarah’s curiosity that we get to see that Ryan, who’s Aeropostale cap and cocky grin would normally have us peg him as “The Asshole,” is actually one of the most complex people on the show. Katelynn explains that while it’s always hard to hear stuff like that, she knows that Ryan’s view has evolved over the course of the show, though to what degree remains to be seen.

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