Tim rozon dating alexz

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Tim rozon dating alexz

I consider myself to be a sincere, honest, open-minded, compassionate individual.

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Dolls, of course, takes advantage of the closeness to strangle her and almost kill her, but Doc talks him out of it.Later, when they set up a whole operation to rescue Dolls, there's a moment when they're talking on the stairs, waiting for Waverly to open the door, where Eliza points out Dolls might not be himself.Wynonna immediately says she's prepared for that even though she was hoping to go twenty-four hours without killing someone she loves.John Henry "Doc" Holliday is definitely the most improved character.He started as a brooding, selfish a**hole and ended up being a rock for everyone on the team.Dolls is stunned, Doc Holliday is lecturing him on ethics but the audience is not.

Some people might think all this change is for Wynonna.

Wynonna Earp had every possibility to become a cheesy fantasy show, complete with Wynonna's quirky lines and Doc's hats and thick accent.

But a talented cast and brilliant character development immediately made it so much more.

Once downstairs, Doc runs into Lucado, who seems to be guarding Dolls' cage.

He says he didn't bring any guns but dynamite is undetectable by her "fancy metal wands".

It might be partly because of her, but in an altruistic way, you'd never expect from the old Doc.