Toddv dating

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Toddv dating

Bernstein was in regular contact with Wikileaks during the October 2016 trolling (aggressively monitored by several national intelligence services) that began with Russia Today’s “Expose” on Toddand’s business and dating network.

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Our female criminal investigator, who uncovered flight logs exposing Assange’s links to the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring, has been in contact with @Piper Belle Rose.

Vegas-based Piper Belle Rose said that when she first was contacted by Bernstein through the camsite, MFC, the main topic of conversation was her client’s relationship with his wife, Rieka Jackson.

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We first became aware of Mr Bernstein after his public ridicule of the libtard rag, Daily Kos, that demanded answers into Julian Assange’s initial silence over the United Nations document that detailed Assange’s grooming of the 8 year old through our dating site.

The Canadian Family, whose plight for constitutional reasons of free speech we are fighting for, made their allegations that Julian Assange was a child rapist who molested their 8 year old daughter from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but say that the Bahamas Police never involved Interpol and believe UN officials helped to silence their case.

Our US investigators hired in the wake of the RT article on Toddand in October 2016 made Joe Bernstein and his motives, a focus of investigation.

It’s Bernstein, Buzz Feed’s senior computer hacker and tech expert, who has a CIA background and conducted field work for Mossad in Egypt’s torture and detention centers in 2006.

They say that in a series of internet grooming sessions, Assange used Ecuadorian Government computers as his modus operandi.

As Daily Kos reported, Ecuador pulled Assange’s internet connection after they learned their government was inadvertently paying for their “political refugee’s” extreme porn addiction and online grooming of a minor, at a time when Assange had successfully waited out the EU statute of limitation (hiding in Ecuador’s embassy) to avoid rape charges related to his viciously abusing females in Sweden.

It was led by the white supremacist network, 4chan.

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