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No, isn’t THAT far left, but when I saw the AMA announcement, I nonetheless respected Ben Shapiro’s willingness to engage in what can be a notoriously unforgiving format with a group of people unsympathetic to his views.

More, despite a well-executed AMA serving as a kind of précis for one’s worldview, I cannot even use the bulk of Shapiro’s comments to string together anything coherent on that front, and must dig into his articles and videos in order to elaborate on the scant piffle he provide.

He intentionally avoids the more difficult questions, goofs off on what he DOES choose to tackle, and refuses to meaningfully engage in any follow-ups despite others’ prodding.

Not exactly the hallmark of a probing and far-ranging mind.

In the end, however, principles are nothing without some bedrock of reality, a thing Shapiro desperately needs a dose of after years of arguing with liberal caricatures on TV and brain-dead college campuses.

Indeed, for despite Shapiro’s intellectual pose, he cuts himself off from the real world by not examining his own assumptions, nor the logical conclusions that a truly consistent position demands.

You voiced your displeasure in the past at how it is unethical to force pro-lifers to fund Planned Parenthood through tax dollars.

Do you also think it is unethical to force certain people to fund the subsidies of meat and dairy products if they do not believe those products are ethical?From the libertarian perspective, they are arguing for a system that – for good reason – has NEVER been implemented in its pure form.I mean, it would be unethical to do so, but even disregarding basic human decency, it would be impossible to implement without a violent revolution (‘coercion’, in libertarian parlance), after which the resultant anarchy (sorry, libs!) would inevitably give rise to the same subsidy mindset – i.e., factionalism – as a mere product of animal psychology.More pointedly, however, libertarianism suffers from the same endless purity-testing that its hated mirror image – stateless communism – undergoes, with every iteration of Stalin, Lenin, the Paris Commune, etc., being bastardizations of the REAL thing… ” to pointing out all the ways the Kansas model does not live up to some non-existent ideal.Naturally, these would be questions that Shapiro – given his ‘’ reputation – would of course answer.