Trouble validating windows vista

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Trouble validating windows vista

Wireless routers commonly provide the following services: There are many ways to deploy wireless in a domain network. For information about Microsoft CAs and PKI, see Public Key Infrastructure for Windows Server 2003 on the Microsoft Web site ( The Windows-based directory service that stores information about objects on a network and makes this information available to users and network administrators.

Section 2: Wireless infrastructure components This section describes the wireless-related components that are typically found in Windows Server 2003 domain networks.

Provides centralized management of user accounts and user authentication, using Active Directory user accounts database and IAS.

Users and computers must have accounts in Active Directory, and must provide password-based credentials to log on to the network.

The tasks that can be performed with this tool include creating, deleting, modifying, moving, and setting permissions on objects stored in the directory.

Examples of objects in Active Directory are organizational units (OUs), users, contacts, groups, computers, printers, and shared file objects.

DNS enables the location of computers and services by user-friendly names, and it also enables the discovery of other information stored in the database.

An administrative tool used by an administrator to perform day-to-day Active Directory administration tasks.Does not provide centralized management of user accounts or user authentication.Anyone who has access to the wired network, or to the wireless shared secret (the text string that serves as a password between the wireless AP and other wireless devices) can join the workgroup and access network resources.It also describes the main wireless components for SOHO wireless networks.Section 3: The authentication process This section provides an overview of the main phases involved in establishing 802.1X authenticated 802.11 wireless connections.Section 7: Event logs, diagnostics logs, and wireless tracing reports This section describes information found in logs and reports in Windows Vista, including: Appendices The appendices in this document contain information about Windows Vista wireless features or components for advanced users, and examples that are too long for the main body of this document: Troubleshooting is a process of finding the source of problems, and then resolving those problems.

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