Updating facebook and twitter

28-Dec-2016 13:31 by 3 Comments

Updating facebook and twitter - Free online naked sex cams

The original author recommended a (now defunct) extension to post to multiple social networks.However, that’s not what we want to do here- we want automatic syncing of posts.

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I use Selective Tweets regularly to post to Facebook from twitter using the #fb hashtag.

For instance, maybe you want to post status updates and photos, but not events. Now any time you post on Facebook, the content you’ve chosen will automatically be posted on Twitter too.

If you like to get the same messages out on both popular social networks, then definitely give this a try and let us know what you think about it.

It’s a shame that Twitter, Facebook and Google seem to be trying to kill RSS.

I wrote a post on Google entitled “Social Media and RSS feeds- is RSS dead?

Google’s social media platform is still the new kid on the block, and their API (the system that lets applications talk to and retrieve information from Google ) is still in its early stages.

This means it is currently very difficult to do any kind of syncing to and from Google .

This turns Google in to a fully fledged Social Media Management tool.

It allows you to selectively cross post to Google pages, Twitter, Linked In (profiles, pages & groups), Facebook (profiles, pages & groups), Tumblr and even Appdotnet.

Ever wanted to post to Twitter or Facebook (or Linked In) from Google ?

It’s certainly a cool feature, although I’m not a massive fan of posting to multiple social networks at the same time.

Since I wrote this post there have been a few new services that can help with updating your other social networks from Google .

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