Updating intel ssd

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Updating intel ssd

Not yet, but maybe because the Intel Toolbox has been installed a few minutes ago (after having read your post). Yes, since 400 GB seemed to be too much space for the system drive, I have created a ca.

updating intel ssd-31

- Intel Solid-State Drive 310 Series: 2CV102M3 - Intel Solid-State Drive 311 Series: 2CV102M5 - Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series: 4PC10362 - Intel Solid-State Drive 330 Series: 300i - Intel Solid-State Drive 335 Series: 335u - Intel Solid-State Drive 520 Series: 400i - Intel Solid-State Drive 530 Series M.2: DC31 - Intel Solid-State Drive 530 Series 2.5": DC32 - Intel Solid-State Drive 530 Series m SATA: DC33 - Intel Solid-State Drive 710 Series: 6PB10362 - - Intel SSD X18-M / X25-M Family (34nm): 2CV102M3 - Intel SSD X18-M / X25-M Family (50nm): 8820 - Intel SSD X25-E Family: 8850 - Intel SSD X25-V Family: 2CV102M3 - Intel SSD DC S3500: 0370 - Intel SSD DC S3700: 0270 - Intel SATA SSD Firmware Update Tool - Intel SSD 310 Series - Intel SSD 311 Series - Intel SSD 313 Series - Intel SSD 320 Series - Intel SSD 330 Series - Intel SSD 335 Series - Intel SSD 510 Series - Intel SSD 520 Series - Intel SSD 525 Series - Intel SSD 530 Series - Intel SSD 710 Series - Intel SSD 730 Series - Intel SSD DC S3500 Series - Intel SSD DC S3700 Series - Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series - Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series - Intel SSD X18-M Series - Intel SSD X25-E Series - Intel SSD X25-M Series - Intel SSD X25-V Series It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Yes, there now a lot of SSD manufacturers offering now their proprietary SSD Tools.

I think the reader has to go to the link of his favorite SSD manufacturer where he can get all up to date detailed informations.

However, once initialized and booted, an NVMe/PCIe SSD such as the Intel 750 series will offer performance that is up to 4x that of SATA SSDs.

In the message board post that advised of the firmware update, Intel staff posted a link to their , which is where the firmware is currently available.

The post also advised that the firmware update would soon be available in upcoming versions of both the Intel SSD Toolbox and the Intel Firmware Update Tool.

Feel free to check out the Intel Communities message board post alerting to the new firmware update .Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.The very odd thing at that time was, that I could still boot to my old Lion install in safe mode [Shift] and everything was running just fine.Knowing that, I could at least eliminate the possibility of a hardware damage (after reading some posts about dead hard drive cables in Macbooks).The entire thread is good reading, and it is always encouraging to see a company such as Intel engage quickly, and provide a link to the firmware update in this manner rather than waiting for an official announcement / release of the update.

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