Updating openfiler

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Updating openfiler

Next, select the file icon on NFS directory: A pop-up will show, (if not, enable pop-ups in your browser).In this new pop-up select the downloads folder we created earlier.

Go back to your open FLIXR setup, and click the webmin link: Login to webmin with the following credentials: Username: openflixr Password: openflixr If your logged in to the awesome looking HTML5 Webmin webinterface, select “Disk and Network Filesystems” from the left menu.

I am attempting to migrate a virtual machine (linux, configured for 300G disk, using about 185G storage at the moment) from an NFS datastore to a new i SCSI store with VMFS and hosted from a solaris 5.11 server.

The solaris i SCSI store is working fine and is already supporting a number of smaller VMs that were migrated from the old NFS store. All the machines are connected on a dedicated gigabit lan with a new netgear switch. It is running on a virtual machine in the cluster and uses the local disk storage on the server it is running on.

In my case If you followed the tutorial, you should see something that looks like the above. Click the setup button: Next you will find the following screen: It’s important that we create the shares.

So let’s go back to our un RAID webinterface, and create the necessary folders. Create a Downloads share, and click Add share: I’ve created 2 directories because i’m a very lazy person, Downloads, and Media.

The cluster is two Dell Poweredge servers running ESXi is 4.0.0 build 208167.

There are two file servers, one is openfiler 2.3 supporting i SCSI and NFS and is being de-commissioned as it has proved to be unreliable.

They include: If you have a spare PC laying around and you are tech savvy, a good option is to build your own NAS using a bare PC and running an open source software such as Openfiler or Free NAS.

Both of these are based on a variant of Unix which is a blessing and a curse for someone not used to Unix. After 150,000 page views on this article, Dino Sims is the first to contribute a little to my coffee fund. I write these articles to share knowledge but it is always appreciated when someone gives back a little to encourage me to keep sharing what I’ve learned.

The reason we are moving from the NFS store is that it is very slow.

Prior to that we used i SCSI on the open Filer server but the linux implementation of i SCSI has proved to be incompatible with ESXi and disconnects after an error every 1-3 days.

If you want to help out, just click on the coffee cup below. It’s not the value of the contribution but the fact that you thought enough of this article to cross that threshold to contribute.

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