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Updating paper driving licence to photocard for - dating services and tips com

I have a provisional licence (photocard) and get really p**sed off that my sister (who only has a paper licence) can use hers as proof of ID, yet provisional ones can't - yet MINE is more proof of who I am than hers - or yours... Anyone who's passed their test since the new photo ones came into effect probably don't realise that people used to just get issued paper ones 'in the old days' lol Yes, if you are 'old' then you might still have a driving licence that is just a paper one.I passed my test in 1995 when I was 17, and only have a new-style licence with paper and a photo card because I moved house and had to change the address on the licence.

This will avoid the need for legal advice if an overzealous police officer attempts to seize the vehicle or, if following an accident, an insurer refuses to indemnify.

I got caught speeding in 2003 (annoyingly I was doing 36 in an area they had reduced to 30 a few days before and didn't see speed sign! Around 2008 they wrote to me saying I could pay to have points removed, but I couldn't be bothered. You don't have the old licence with a new licence you have a counterpart. The new licence comes with its own paper counterpart, its 2 part. IF YOU STILL WISH TO WAIST MONEY and TIME, BECAREFUL that you are allowed to do everything you could on your old licence.

It's reassuring from what everyone has said, but when I can brave the Post Office queue I will double check. The new licence comes with its own paper counterpart, its 2 part. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PAY OUT for new PHOTO's, POSTAGE and FORMS every time your expires.

I would have thought DVLA would have written to anyone on their records who only had a paper licence out of courtesy in any event. The new paper bit issued is the counterpart for recording your offences for you new licence. That's exactly what you are agreeing too if you renew to card.

The new paper bit issued is the counterpart for recording your offences for you new licence. DONT BE A SUCKER and SAY NO to this GREEDY money making scam of a country.

Contrary to some police officers, out-of-date photos do not invalidate licences.

The actual offence committed is failing to notify DVLA of up-to-date information, contrary to s.99.5 of the Road Traffic Act.the photo one doesnt replace the paper one just an extra!unless you change any details accure fines or points then theres no need to send it to dvla so no need for a new one!To find the actual expiry date, look at column 11 on the back of your licence where the date printed commonly coincides with your 70th birthday.Worryingly, the ‘confusion’ has led to some police forces threatening to impound vehicles for not having valid driving licences, and to driving instructors turning away motorists from driver improvement courses because insurance companies claimed they were not covered without ‘valid’ licences.I passed in 1995, and like you i had a paper licence and had to change it for a photocard, as i got married, moved etc. If you ask for the paper one to be returned when changing to the photo one they should return it with Void stamped on it It is legal but they can fine you 1000 on the spot for not updating to a paper one. I asked in post office and when oh had to take documents to police station they told him and my cousin is a police officer and also confirmed it. I know people who have just used theirs couple of months ago in Europe. ONCE you have renewed you have to renew every 10 years.