Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights

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Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights - Chatroulette xxx only girls

) (added 12/27/2005) "..interested to read about ongoing issues with the Transit.My setup is a Power Book G4 12inch Al 1GHz; 1.25 Gig RAM; Mac OS X 10.4.3; Transit driver 1.6.2.

The cube has 2 USB busses, bus number 0x18 is port #1 and the USB over the ADC port. I have my keyboard, mouse and bluetooth dongle on port #1. I can barely get the audio over Transit to mess up!

Also have a Fire Wire La Cie HDD, and a USB hub, Apple keyboard and Macally mouse on the 2nd USB port. I have had recurring trouble with the Transit USB since new: i.e.

frequent hangs of system (OS) and freezing of the audio when coming out of sleep.

Trying to force quit a program after this point doesn't work and requires a forced restart.

Problem is present on both digital and analog outputs and has persisted through several operating system reinstalls, upgrades, and various versions of the Transit USB driver.

(added 4/4/2006) "M-Audio updated it's Transit driver to version 1.6.3 last week.

(reader FYI - I posted info on their updated drivers for Firewire and USB products in the news on March 23rd, including Intel CPU Mac drivers and M-audio's comments in the March 24th news.) I've updated those drivers and updated to Mac OS X 10.4.6 today.

The PC is running a Radion 9250 graphics card, after the upgrade I went into device manager and upgraded the driver to the latest version - it runs ok except that when I shut down the PC I get a BSOD and a message saying 'Terminal_Server_Made_incorrect_Memory_reference' at this point the computer would immediately start up again.

I have got round the restart by changing the automatic restart option but I am still left with the BSOD.

I'm trying to remember, but I think one of the processor upgrade companies offered a replacement VRM (DC-DC) board that was supposedly more powerful. If any readers have a replacement suggestion for Adam, let me know.

(Update - see Adam's later report above w/note on GD VRM - has any Cube owners used one of these?

As you may know from my previous e-mails, I'm running an upgraded cube.

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