Updating slackware 12

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Updating slackware 12

As IAM put it this week, A fight between Samsung Electronics and a fellow member of MPEG LA’s HEVC patent pool escalated late last month as the Korean tech giant launched four inter partes reviews (IPR) against patents owned by Ibex PT Holdings.All of the patents targeted by Samsung are a part of the HEVC pool, which relates to video compression technology used in 4K HDTV and other video formats.

The Supreme Court might have been particularly hesitant to hear yet another Apple v. In the meantime Apple has been sued for alleged patent violations again (not software).

We don’t suppose Apple intends to start any other (new) case against Android any time soon.

Since the death of Steve Jobs not much new has happened on that front.

SEP injunctions (embargoes) — more so than SEPs themselves — are seriously unjust.

But these are the sorts of things IAM likes to promote, even in its events in Asia (like the above).

It’s a thicket of software patents which miraculously took hold even in countries that had already banned such patents.

Korea is one of those countries and it seems as though Samsung is finally fed up with this cartel.They called it “an unreal situation.” The October 2017 edition of the “Bijblad de Industrieele Eigendom”, an official quarterly publication of the Netherlands Patent Office, was also published online quite recently.“Amongst other things,” a reader told us, “it contains a report on the October meeting of the Administrative Council (10 and 11 October) and a report on the meeting of the Select Committee which took place immediately before on 9 October.Therefore moving to invalidate another pool member’s IP suggests that Samsung is frustrated that Ibex continues to receive a slice of revenues on patents that the Korean company clearly feels shouldn’t have been granted in the first place.These four inter partes reviews will help demonstrate the value of PTAB, which we shall cover separately (lots happening there this week).Pretty much all of these patents would be software patents, which You just don’t get injunctions in cases relating to standard essential patents in the US, do you? However, during a presentation at last week’s IPBC Asia in Tokyo, Vinson & Elkins partner John Fuisz drew delegates’ attention to a recent initial determination in an ITC case that might lead to that changing.

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