Updating viewsat ultra lite

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Also, the memory has been expanded to 64MBs of SD Ram Memory and 8MBs of Flash Memory! Automatic search for newly added Transponder (Network Auto Search) . Easy and speedy software upgrade through RS-232 port . Timer function, automatically turns On/Off by setting function (daily, weekly, monthly and one time) . Provide various switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL monitor type . Multi LNB controlled by Di SEq C 1.0, 22KHz and 0/12 volt switching .

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To confirm to which portal your donation was assigned please use the donation checker form: https://iptvzeta.com/forum/main-foru...number-checker If you are using the right portal but still having problem then try doing an IPTV reset, generate a new donation or changing the IPTV portal.If you are not sure you can do it, then definitely get some one else who knows how to do this type of work. I have Windows XP operating system with Mcafee virus protection and aol as my service provider? if you download any bins after the rec came from box... If you only have USB ports on the computer, then you have no other option than to use the usb to serial adapter and the serial cable that came with your STB.I tried loading the mainpgm fix but like the other files I tried to load through null cable, the loader2 program still reads 0%, it says sending in the ZModem window and then says resending and then just sticks at 0%. Will this screw up the connection between my computer and receiver to upload software? I guess I'll have to resort to reading books and watching dvd's, which aint all that bad anyway. Again, though, you must make sure that you have the correct serial (Com) port selected in your loader software.This probably may occur when: turning the STB "OFF" during / after a data transfer before the front panel displays "0 0 0 0? If you have a special "satinfo.sat" satellite file, use Loader2 and the standard data transfer procedure to transfer that data from your PC to Viewsat STB.; for whatever reason a bad/corrupted flash or a corrupted channel list... Using Loader2, again find the "Current Bin file" to program your Viewsat STB using the standard Loader2 procedure... The Viewsat STB should now be back in good working condition...Works on GENUINE ver 1 & 2 VS Ultras Will repair what appears to be an unrepairable 'dead' box... Loader2, the PVRloader is just as good A NULL cable Install 'mainpg.pgm' via your serial port, your presumed dead unit is now behaving as new! Hi everybody, Is the problem encountered by Baileygirl and many others means that Viewsat Ultra is really not a good choice, comparatively to Sonic View 400 or Captiveworks ...

- Unit will not respond to your remote - Accidentally loaded the wrong bin - USB not recognized - the old favorites '----' and 'fail' - Unlocks hopelessly locked units (codes -0000, 0937, 3570) - Works on GENUINE VSUs ** This tool has not been tested on clones, so, I don't know if it'll work... Now get the latest fix and install via your thumb drive. Attached Files File Type: zip VS Ultra FAIL (1.01 MB)thanks ralph, I tried using that cable but it didn't work either, is there a special driver for that cable that you have to load on to your pc? Please help me to make a right choice The problem you are experiencing is likely due to you not having communication between the computer and the STB.

Make sure that you are using the correct portal URL format: X.iptvprivateserver.tv/ or X.iptvprivateserver.tv/c/REPLACE THE X FOR PORTAL NUMBER.

The new SP-6000 PREMIUM from Neu Sat is an even greater high end FTA satellite receiver that will amaze you with features not found on any other unit.

The New sp6000 PREMIUM offers all of the same features as the non-premium model plus 64 Megs of ram instead of 16.

This means the programming guide will work even better and hold much more information.

If you could read through my issue here and sugggest something that may help that I haven't tried yet, I would truly appreciate your help.

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