Validating multiple fields in flex

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Validating multiple fields in flex - speed dating tips and advice

Component class and so can be included in all of the framework's layouts.For this reason, we can include form fields as children of containers with layouts (such as hbox and column layouts) and their position and size will be calculated accordingly. Field Container class used in step 4 is a special component that allows us to combine multiple fields into a single container, which also implements the This allows the container itself to display its own label that applies to all of its child fields while also giving us the opportunity to configure a layout for its child components.

We can see this in action in the first part of the How to do it section. Basic class (accessible through the get Form method ), which provides all of the validation, submission, loading, and general field management that is required by a form.You will also require a working web server for the There's More example, which loads data from an external file.We'll demonstrate how to populate an entire form's fields in bulk and also how to populate them individually.Ext JS 4 is Sencha’s latest Java Script framework for developing cross-platform web applications.Built upon web standards, Ext JS provides a comprehensive library of user interface widgets and data manipulation classes to turbo-charge your application’s development.We will be using the form created in this article's first recipe as our base for this section, and many of the subsequent recipes in this article, so please look back if you are not familiar with it.

All the code we will write in this recipe should be placed under the definition of this form panel.Basic class and supply the Model instance as its only parameter.This will populate the form, mapping each Model field to its corresponding form field based on the name: form Form()Record(request Model); It is also possible to load a form's data directly from the server through an AJAX call.This class contains a set Values method , which can be used to populate all of the fields that are managed by the basic form class.This method works by simply iterating through all of the fields it contains and calling their respective set Value methods.Specifically, these are populating forms, submitting forms, performing client-side validation, and handling callbacks/exceptions.

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