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HIM rocker VILLE VALO is considering quitting the music industry because songwriting turns him into a suicidal wreck.

We actually think, sometimes, in the band, that it would all be a lot easier if we were all gay because what better than going on stage having just sucked each other off - we'd all be so happy.Their cover versions are interestingly chosen, too.Him do a Ramones tune, Poison Heart, "because I like the way their songs are celebratory about being hopeless".The band formed as teenagers attending the same school in Helsinki in the early 1990s.At the time, Valo was working part-time in his father's porn shop, "which was weird because I had no sexual experience at the time. Him were emphatically not conceived to speed his development in this area."None of us had a clue about girls or drugs or booze, we were just big fans of Black Sabbath." Valo found the example of the Birmingham foursome inspirational - "such a great Cinderella story, these four not-so-good-looking blokes who made it big internationally" - and wanted to attempt a Finnish version.

"Our traditional popular music, which I have grown up with, is very melancholic, like the Russian: dramatic, dark, diabolic almost.

"I just finished reading his book Lost for Words," says Valo.

"I love people who are passionate about their language and appreciate the history of it." Idiosyncratic might be the word to describe Valo and the band's career so far.

Valo is one of the founding members of HIM, a band that have gone on to enjoy success across Europe and the US.

Perhaps the reason why people suggest he is gay is one of his quotes, "The overt sexuality of groupies shocks me.

And it's not so much about the song as the lyric." Eleven years of slow but steady progress later - "we've been haunting Europe like Casper the Friendly Ghost" - Him have built a solid fan-base and carved a distinctive niche for themselves.