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He expelled 100,000 Jews from France and allowed them to travel with only ones day’s provisions.

In 1181, he annulled all loans made by Jews to Christians and took a percentage for himself.Jews have contributed to all aspects of French culture and society and have excelled in finance, medicine, theater and literature.Currently, France hosts Europe’s largest Jewish community - 480,000 strong - and Paris is said to have more kosher restaurants than even New York City.In the 6 century, a Jewish community thrived in Paris.A synagogue was built on the Ile de la Cite, but was later torn down and a church was erected instead.Between 1338-1347, 25 Jewish communities in Alsace were victims of terror.

Massacres in response to the Black Plague (1348-49) struck Jewish communities throughout the east and southeast.The situation detiorated during the rule of King Philip Augustus.Philip was raised believing that Jews killed Christians and, therefore, held an ingrained hatred toward the Jews.Jews also became involved in agriculture and dominated the field of viticulture; they even provided the wine for Mass.The First Crusade (1096-99) had no immediate effect on the Jews of France, however, in Rouen, statements were made by the Crusaders justifying their persecution of Jews across Europe.After the Roman conquest of Jerusalem, boats filled with Jewish captives landed in Bordeaux, Arles and Lyons.

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