Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense

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Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense - karaoke commercial dating site

On the other hand, one would consider pessimistic locking when the likelihood of a concurrency condition is high.

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We will refer to this as Pessimistic Application Locking.All major relational databases on the market today offer some kind of inherent locking when updates are occurring, although the granularity of the locks may differ.For instance, SQL Server 2000 provides locking at the row level, while others may lock the entire page or table the row resides in.He opens each record, makes the edits and saves the changes to the database.When he gets to customer XYZ, he retrieves the record to edit it but he is distracted by a lengthy phone call.Before or during an update, the application logic will check to see if the current record in the database has changed since you retrieved your copy of the record.

If it has, the app will generate an error causing the update transaction to be rolled back.

The 'windows Authentication' provider may not support this deployment. A bit of Googling and a couple of lucky guesses later, and we worked out what was causing it.

“Extended Protection” is apparently some of new fangled security framework that’s included in recent Windows Updates.

Our internal servers install Windows updates automatically; our live servers don’t.

In other words – our staging server had quietly upgraded itself in the night to support extended authentication, and was now trying to push that configuration to the live server, which had absolutely no idea what was going on.

One would consider an optimistic locking scenario when the likelihood of a concurrency condition is low.