Website updating important

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Whether it is someone 1500 miles away, or a parent living down the road, everyone is afforded the same opportunity to see the school's website online.Administrators and faculty should see school website as the front door of the school, an opportunity to welcome all virtual visitors and make them feel comfortable in order to make that great first impression.

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Possibly the most important consideration in designing the school website is the navigation.Up to date information is particularly important for teacher websites that list assignments or homework for students and parents to see.Every school website must be a reliable source of information that is communicated clearly and accurately.The Df E have just updated their guidance for maintained schools regarding the information schools MUST publish on their school website.It’s important you review the changes to ensure you remain compliant.There are a number of school website design businesses that can provide the basic platform and customize the site according to a school's need.

Some of these include Finalsite, Blue Fountain Media, Big Drop and School Messenger.

That task is usually assigned to a school's Information Technology or IT Department.

This department is often organized at the district level with each school having a webmaster for the school website.

Unfortunately, building and maintaining a website is a large task that can take several hours a week.

In such cases, a more collaborative approach of assigning responsibility for sections of the website might be more manageable.

That encouragement might include training or demonstrations for parents during school open houses or parent-teacher meeting.