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I know you guys probably talked about it a lot, and I went home and cried about it.” Dell is now a sideline reporter for CBS, and will be covering college football for the upcoming season.

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“There was one situation, and I’m sure you guys covered it, the ‘pizza thrower’ situation.“He was extremely personable, and there wasn’t one person I ever met that said one negative thing to say about him. Dell said with NESN, as with any company, there are good situations and bad situations.But she did admit there was a lot of added “hoopla” thrown into the game broadcasts, which sometimes distracted from the game on the field. But that part of it is what makes NESN so good.” She thinks back to a 2013 interview she had with the famous Fenway Park “Pizza Thrower,” which her and the station received a lot of backlash for.And while players work on returning to playing form, the media report on the teams’ progress and other camp happenings.So it may have caught some by surprise when some of those happenings included an alleged relationship between a member of the media and someone on a team that person covers.That is, unless someone said it involved the Boston Red Sox.

On Friday, Jessica Moran, a Red Sox reporter for Comcast Sports Net New England, resigned following questions over whether she was having a relationship with the team’s manager, John Farrell. “I have stepped away from Comcast Sports Net as I thought it was in my best personal and professional interest to do so,” Moran, who had been with the network since 2009, wrote in a text to the Globe.

Walking into the Boston situation was very intimidating to me, and to have Don there with open arms and making me feel completely comfortable made me feel 1000 times better.

I know that’s not just how he made me feel, but anyone in the industry.

The Globe reports that there had been “speculation among local and national baseball reporters about Farrell’s relationship with Moran” in the days leading up to the resignation, possibly kicked off after Farrell was listed as “not married” in the Red Sox 2016 media guide released last week.

Farrell confirmed that he and his wife of 30 years, Sue Farrell, are getting a divorce, but would not comment on his relationship with Moran; “My private life is private,” he said.

Because this isn’t the first, or second, or even third time an incident like this has been speculated on — and at least one of those turned out to be true.

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