Who is john abraham dating

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Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. I know some girls he's had sexual relations with and heard he's dirty so wear a condom. He can be a nice guy just depends on the day/ his attitude Well I heard from the great vine that he has plenty of women he deals with and that he still loves his babymama he ask her to marry him, I don't think she got a ring tho. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD.

Love John and Priya Abraham.” Later, John was spotted solo at the Mumbai airport and he told the press at an event that he would have an official press conference to talk about his marriage.

There was also buzz that the reason this duo parted was because John wasn’t willing to commit.

John on the other hand hasn’t come out in the open and talked about his wedding.

Bipasha Basu was recently spotted at Dabboo Ratnani’s famous 2014 calendar launch.

And while she has gracefully handled her break-up with John Abraham and intrusive questions on her alleged affair with Harman Baweja, in the past, Bips isn’t willing to talk about her star made a glamourous appearance at Dabboo’s calendar launch event, she even obliged the reporters with interviews, however when she was quizzed about John’s marriage with Priya Runchal this is what BB said, “Next question, please.” Looks like this babe wants to let bygones be bygones.

''But my friends were very protective of me; they rejected all the boys saying some were too short, too tall, bad teeth.

They were really mean, but I avoided the whole dating game that time thanks to them.'' It's a known fact that Bipasha Basu and John Abraham had an ugly break-up and the two are not on talking terms now.The long distance relationship is apparently taking a toll on the couple.While people fended off this stories citing it to be just rumours and nothing more, at a recent event, Indian Super League Auction, the couple attended the event, but they did not walk together and neither did they talk to each other, fueling that these splitsville rumours may indeed be true! One day some girl will make him change, but it won't be someone with a closed mind. Also, he is always comming to the club, worth his Backpack skipping really. Don't knock something you can't experience for yourself. she got pregnant on purpose, she saw dollar signs when he went to the league. My friend and cousin in atlanta both had sex with john a. Pls wear condoms ladies I know a few girls he ran up in be careful. If you looked like he does, had girls throwing themselves at you, and you were male you would get all the vagina you could get too.

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