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Johnny Mercer, of “Moon River” fame, was a native and is buried at Bonaventure Cemetery surrounded by his lyrics engraved in stone.Writers Conrad Aiken and Flannery O’Conner both hailed from here.

He is recognized as the last great specialist of this exquisite combination of art and science.Diatoms are photosynthetic meaning they are able to absorb light energy through pigments and convert it into chemical energy.This process releases oxygen as a waste product, thus photosynthetic organisms maintain atmospheric oxygen levels and are primary producers of the organic compounds and most of the energy essential for life on Earth.Historically, decorative gardens presented elements that could be readily observed and appreciated.However, since the invention of the microscope in the sixteenth century, interest began on the research and display of organisms normally invisible to the naked eye.The Times of London placed it on its list of “The best events around the world in 2009” – the only event in the United States to make the cut.

Artists, and writers have long been a fan of our jewel box squares and seductive coastline, serving as the muse for many accomplished creative practitioners.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the stability, ease of use, and optic quality of microscopic instruments increased significantly allowing the observation and handling of the delicate structures of unicellular organisms.

During the Victorian era, British scientists began to use the microscope combining their knowledge and the jewel-like beauty of unicellular diatoms to create beautiful arrangements, similar to tiny gardens, on microscopic glass slides to create true works of art visible only with optic instruments.

Savannah’s got a history of technological innovation – we built the first cotton gin, and the first steamship that crossed the ocean – so we’ve got it in our veins.

We’re headquarters to a host of technology-related business, everything from giant Gulfstream Aerospace to smaller graphic design and software development pioneers.

They’d tell you about pirates, cotton, and a revolutionary town plan dating to 1733.

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    “The park was originally started by five women from Vermont who were either single or widowed.