Who is teedra moses dating

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Who is teedra moses dating - updating ranch style house

Pumped by her rhymes, Issa barks at Molly to “pull that bitch up” on Instagram.

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B.’s; Thu 17 Teedra Moses’s voice is as stunning as it is deceptive.There’s more sex (with lots of male nudity, to boot) and bellyaching laughs at every turn (Issa’s in-front-of-the-mirror raps are as sharp as ever).Yes, the show appeals to a wide audience by focusing on universal themes of romance, friendship and workplace worries.“My new name Alanis, ’cause there’s shit you oughta know,” she raps.“I’ll do whatever to win, fuck going high, I’m going low.” She quickly snaps out of that moment as Molly walks in to check on her.And yet, onstage the sophisticated soulstress morphs into a bona fide funky diva à la Chaka Khan. A., but her gritty stage presence is a reminder that her early years were spent in churches in her native New Orleans.

Tellingly, the singer’s voice flips from coo to cutting when laying down the law on her 2004 pop semi-hit “You Better Tell Her”: “Listen daddy, I’m too cute to fight / You better get that bitch told tonight.” Perhaps Moses is ready to shed coyness in the studio once and for all; word has it that her forthcoming album, due in the spring from TVT, is entitled . Blige, among others, but “Ur 4 Real,” the track that’s currently circulating on mix-tapes and in cyberspace, sounds so kick-drum fresh that you understand why Moses saved it for herself.

Within seconds, Molly — ever the online detective — pulls up Tasha’s Instagram page (I swear, every woman has a friend who is a sleuth on the low).

While Issa fronts for her friends like she doesn’t care, she retreats to the bathroom to perform another epic rap.

But the subtle nods to black history and pop culture — a Harriet Tubman hoodie here, a Tupac/Biggie T-shirt there — remind black viewers that the series is made for us, by us.

Within the first few minutes of the season two premiere, audiences find Issa navigating unfamiliar territory: the dating world.

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