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In fact, things got worse, culminating in his second DUI arrest in ten years. In the days after his arrest, he isolated himself and kept on drinking.

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Just so you guys don’t beat me to death if I come back, I’m just going to say that: To have him watch the potential last races of my career is something I look forward to being able to share with him.” By the grace of God Phelps was rescued from the pit and brought into life.

When it was time for Family Week at the rehab center, Phelps reconnected with his father and it proved to be a healing time for both.

They hugged for the first time in years and the experience helped Phelps move forward.

He felt empty inside and sought to fill his pain with drugs and alcohol, which sent him into a downward spiral.

In 2009 he was suspended from swimming for three months after a photograph of him using a bong went viral, but that didn’t stop him from partying and living on the edge.

His parents were divorced when Phelps was nine and to fill that void he went to the pool.

Once water had been conquered, the ache showed itself.

I figured that was the best thing to do — just end my life.” His gold medals couldn’t console him and he had no purpose to keep on living.

Providentially, his family and friends convinced him to check-in at a rehab center and deal with his demons.

Remember the woman in Atlanta who was abducted by a serial killer who managed to convince the killer to turn himself in by telling him about this book?

I haven’t read it bu it must have a meaningful message.

A few months after rehab, Phelps asked his longtime girlfriend Nicole Johnson to marry him.