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If you like a girl or several girls, watch their actions.

So, these dating tips should help any guy with dating. “Just be yourself” “Be nice” “Wine her, dine her, buy her flowers and she’ll fall for you” “Agree with a woman and she’ll like you more” These are all examples of dating advice I received.I’m sure you’ve received a lot of similar advice, a lot of it equally bland, inoffensive, and, quite frankly, wrong.This is an entire chapter in our book Size Doesn’t Matter, that you don’t believe; observe.Above all, women date guys they find attractive and sometimes that means a brash, edgy, cocky bad boy.Look at the guys they flirt with, and the guys they consider “buddies.” Those are their true tastes and that can give you an idea of how to be attractive to her and women in general. The same is true for women: they want to date nice guys, but will date attractive guys first and foremost…which brings me to point number three…

Women, especially younger ones, typically don’t go for the “nice guys.” By nice guy, I mean an agreeable, passive guy who puts them on a pedestal. If you want to get a date, I can give you all sorts of tips and tricks.

I've gone to kinky sex classes and professional cuddlers. Her advice: “You need to say that, seriously, you need to say that.” A confident and charming man is able to give a genuine compliment to a woman.

And by avid readers, I know I'm just speaking about my mother -- hi mom. She asked where in my travels did I meet the most women. I told her I always find myself attracted to women like me, who go up and perform. Because you can't get any better than a funny woman.

If you’re unattractive, don’t “be yourself” like you’ve heard so often.

Instead, find a way to be your best, most attractive self.

While nothing is sure in this world, these dating tips for men are actually effective.

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