Www facedating com

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Www facedating com

Ein vergnüglicher Erfahrungsbericht mit einigen Aha-Erlebnissen Das Prinzip hinter „Face-to-Face-Dating“ ist ganz einfach: Viele Singles, viele verschiedene Bars, und dann wird fleißig durchgemischt. Nicht, dass ich mich nicht ein bisschen freue, nicht den ganzen Abend von einer Bar zur nächsten hetzen zu müssen, und doch: Also tippe ich dem Herrn Organisator eine freundliche E-Mail um mal zu checken, warum das so ist.

It’s called Face Date: a mobile dating app that matches people based on their facial features in lieu of text profiles. Face Date users are able to train the mobile app by uploading photos of faces they find attractive, and the app will provide matches, using a face recognition algorithm.

“The location-based part is important because we normally meet people around our places of work or where we go for entertainment,” says Borcea.

“I can specify that I want to find a person within a two-block radius, and if I’m at a club in New York City, the app will be able to discover people in the vicinity that match my preferences.” The Android-based Face Date is currently in the prototype phase on Moitree, a middleware for cloud-assisted mobile distributed apps, and geared toward 18 and 30 year olds.

“Many of the social matching and dating apps developed in the last decade use text-based profiles, which do not consider the face preferences of the users.

But I’m able to tell Face Date what kinds of faces I like, and the app will pair me with people who have similar-looking facial characteristics.” Face Date’s user interface is pretty straightforward and easy to operate.

Borcea jokes that his students really created the app because they want to date around campus.

And in the process, the young techies have also nudged the needle forward when it comes to the way people use technology to establish romantic relationships.

“But the application could work for anybody on the market,” assures Borcea.

The app developers applied for a patent in 2016, and plan to roll out the first phase of Face Date exclusively to NJIT students in the coming months, with the hope of securing funding for further development and implementation on i OS.

Each episode features diverse daters and contestants of varying races and sexual orientations. “In today's world where appearances are so valued and judged, we think is entertaining, sexy and provocative — just like the dating lives of many of our viewers." Watch a preview below. The reality show features 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage paired against one another to launch a career in the fashion industry.

In addition, Myx TV recently acquired the newest season of the reality modeling show which will premiere at 8 p.m. Filmed in Hong Kong, this season’s judges are stylist Kim Robinson, supermodel Lisa Selesner, E!

To get started, you’ll need to upload a photo of yourself and provide some basic information—birthdate, gender and a brief bio.

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